Becca (perfect__reason) wrote,

This year to me SUCKED! not muched happened at all. a year from today i got my cast on and volwed to myself not to do anything stupid and i didn't. i didn't go to any parties i didn't do anything disrespectful or break the law in any way. and now i'm thinkingthat just fuck that. i'm a kid and i shouldn't of vowled to myself to not have fun. and bacically this was the worst year of my life. nothing exciting happened i started my senior year that's about it. but this year this is going to be the year of all years. i'll finally graduate high school i'll turn 18 and i'll start college and my promise for this year is to just live it up. so when i die i wont look back and think about all the chances that i had to really live my life to the fullest. i'm just going to do it. fuck what everyone else says and thinks about me. i'm just going to go what i want to do.i'm not a crazy person and i'm not going to turn into some drunk, i probably will never drink, i just want to live it up. i want to live my life for me and god no one else. i love you all and thanks for just being their by my side. i love you all, again,.

In just the united states 1,890,000 people died from AIDS this year alone. 14,000 of that were children. AIDS IS PREVENTABLE! one of my goals for this year is to join or even be in the peace corp and go to India or Africa and help those who can't help themselfs.

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